Fun Friday: Scavenger Hunts

I hope you have all been enjoying your spring break week. It’s been extra fun for John, having big sister Emily home from school all week! After seeing a few unique ideas on Pinterest, I put Emily to work creating some scavenger hunts for John. This week I will share these ideas with you.

Color Hunt: John is not quite ready for this, but I love the idea of a color scavenger hunt. Give your child a small bag or bucket, and ask him/her to find 10 items that are a certain color that will fit in the bucket. You could challenge them to stay in one room, or let them roam all over the house to find their items. When they finish, give them another bag or bucket and assign a different color. Imagine the discussions you can have about how many different shades of blue there are…or how not everything that is green is the exact same green, etc.

John heading off in search of a bird, a bicycle, and a tree among other things!

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt: The mommy blogger at Smashed Peas and Carrots created a printable outdoor scavenger hunt. I created our own, a simpler version with only six pictures, earlier this week as we took a walk around the block. John, with some help from Emily, found almost everything! You can print the orignal hunt for free from her website, or create your own with some clip-art on Microsoft Word. Then just hand the child a marker or stamp or sticker sheet, and off you go!

John - finding a new treasure on his ribbon scavenger hunt!

String Scavenger Hunt: This idea from Hands On As We Grow involves a bit of prep work, but Emily set this up one morning in our kitchen while John played Operation in the living room. (And by playing Operation, I mean he just holds the tweezer to the metal to make one LOOOOOOOONG continuous buzzing sound. Good times.) To set up, I gave Emily a spool of ribbon (the original instructions suggest using a ball of yarn, but we used what we had on hand!), with instructions to just weave in and out of the room, looping it around the refrigerator, doorknobs, cabinet pulls, chairs, etc. The only catch was that it had to be one long continuous string. Then I sent her back through her web with a stack of sticker to paper clip onto the ribbon at various intervals. John loves stickers these days, so I knew he would be excited to find some new ones!  He was sure surprised to find a spider web of ribbon throughout our kitchen when we finally pulled him away from the Operation game!) Emily helped him wind his way from the beginning of the maze to the end by following the ribbon. He was so excited to find his “treasures” along the way!

Emily checking out her next photo for the iPhone scavenger hunt!

iPhone Picture Hunt: The great thing about scavenger hunts is that they can be adapted for all ages. I created one for Emily using my iPhone. I went all through the house and snapped about 10 pictures of everyday items, but in a very close-up mode…so they were a bit tricky to identify (or so I thought). I stored all the pics in one folder on the phone, and challenged Emily to figure out what each one was. That kept her busy for a while…and then she insisted on creating one for ME to figure out. See, I told you they could be adapted for all ages!

I hope you are able to use at least one of these ideas in the upcoming weeks. Let me know if you do, or if you have any other ideas for unique scavenger hunts! You can comment below or write to me directly at

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