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Smack dab in the middle of one of the newest hip spots in east Austin sits Soma Vida, a co-working community and new home to the Nannies From the Heart headquarters. NH officed for many years off West Lynn and 6th Street in Clarksville. “It was a great location, but the actual office space was full of attorneys, CPAs and real estate brokers. While there is nothing wrong with these professions,  I felt a little out of place in that environment,” Rebecca D’Amico, NH president, said. Rebecca watched year after year as a new area in east Austin start to pop up and one place eventually caught her eye…Soma Vida.

Soma Vida“Not only did the man who owned the land/building take my engagement and wedding photos in 1996 (Peter Staats Photography), but I attended some retreats with the woman who started the community of Soma Vida. Her vision was strong and clear, and I was hooked,” Rebecca explained. It was last year that she finally decided to make the move. However, there was a long waiting list…so she got in line! “I co-worked renting out space, the conference room and the house for nanny socials. And finally the big day came…April 15th was my official first day in the office and it was also my birthday. I couldn’t have been more thrilled!” Rebecca said.

Rebecca has since had her first client meetings in the new space and has been interviewing nannies at Soma Vida for a while. She said that every single person comments on how nice or cool or neat it is. Recently a mom came by with her child and the receptionist loved on and cared for the child so Rebecca could meet with the mom, and two nannies actually have moved near enough to pop in and take yoga classes. “It just feels awesome and aligns with my image of where NH is headed. Community and Support,” Rebecca said.

In addition to yoga classes, Soma Vida has a beautiful garden and a full kitchen making it the perfect spot for nanny gatherings! Several nannies gathered earlier this month for some social time and planning for our May training event. Speaking of…the training will be held at Soma Vida on May 31 so SAVE THE DATE! More details coming soon!

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Hello Wonderful Austin Nannies!

My time in L.A. at the INA Conference was packed with learning, networking and catching up with my nanny friends from around the world. I was so busy that I hardly noticed the earthquake on Friday night. Yikes! I have so much that I want to share with you and formally invite you to our next social on Saturday, April 12, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Soma Vida. We will enjoy some yummy food as we catch up and plan our National Nanny Training Day event to be held in May. Please let me know if you’ll be there! We value your input and want to cover topics at the training that will best support you in your current job. So…come and be heard!

Dr. KarpThe highlight of my trip was getting to meet well known pediatrician and author Dr. Harvey Karp! There is high demand for his time and we were so fortunate that he supported the nanny industry by leading two sessions at the conference for a deeply discounted speaking fee. And he stayed afterward to meet and talk individually with dozens of nannies and industry business owners. Such a genuinely nice guy! I attended The Happiest Toddler on the Block session and came away feeling empowered and confident in my ability to speak Toddler-ease! Dr. Karp explained the primitive nature of the toddler brain and how they have nothing better to do all day than to learn how to drive us crazy. Anyone relate?! He spoke to the importance of validating our toddlers’ feelings and teaching them they have the right to express emotions to the ones they love. And the best way to diffuse a toddler tantrum? “Join him in the jungle…then guide him to civilization!” Dr. Karp said. Love that!

It was also exciting to meet Nanny Stella, star of the popular Nanny 911 television series. She spoke candidly and honestly about the challenges of being a nanny and to the importance of self-care. She called nannies “domestic engineers” which appropriately sums up all that we may be tasked with in any given day! Next year’s conference will be in Cancun! Start saving now and let’s take a big group of Austin nannies! I hope to see you next Saturday!

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